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Expression of Interest: Tuggerah Lakes Wrack Management Strategy reference group
wrack on the foreshore of Tuggerah Lakes

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Central Coast Council is currently seeking expressions of interest from community members who would like to join a community and stakeholder reference group to help develop a new Tuggerah Lakes Wrack Management Strategy - as part of the development of the Tuggerah Lakes Coastal Management Program (CMP).

There will be three reference group meetings held at Council’s Administration building in in Wyong on 14 June, 5 July and 26 July.  Participants will need to attend all 3 meetings.

How to apply

  1. Read the Terms of Reference:  Community and Stakeholder Reference Group (CSRG) 2023 - Tuggerah Lakes Wrack Management Strategy Tuggerah Lakes Coastal Management Program Stage 3
  2. Submit your online application by 5pm Sunday 4 June

For any enquiries: please contact Jenna Markwick, Central Coast Council, m: 0428 900 870, e:


Wrack is aquatic plant and vegetation material (including seagrass) that is moved about by wind and washed onto foreshores or collects in shallow areas. In Tuggerah Lakes wrack is largely made up of detached seagrass leaves and macroalgae and is an important component of estuarine health.

There is a wrack collection program in place, however, this process of developing the new Wrack Management Strategy will help ensure Council applies contemporary practices for effective implementation of a holistic and strategic program.

Wrack management is complex and an ongoing priority for the community. A revised approach is required to balance community concerns, physical and financial constraints and environmental needs and challenges. 

Our new strategy will be developed collaboratively with a range of stakeholders including regulatory authorities, experts, and the community to ensure a considered approach to wrack management. 

The process will include a review of current wrack management, procedures, costs and benefits, plus investigate potential opportunities and improvements. 

We are inviting interested community members to submit and application to join the wrack management reference group and be an integral part of the strategy development.

Proposed benefits of the new Wrack Management Strategy will be:

  • Clearer, more open communication of wrack operations
  • Measurable performance indicators to evaluate success
  • Adaptable strategy to allowing for variability in financial/ environmental factors over long term
  • Investigation of wrack solutions in areas where collection has been unserviceable
  • More engagement opportunities through focus groups and drop-in centres during WMS development

We recognise that managing wrack is one of the priority issues for our community based on outcomes of a previous stakeholder risk assessment workshop, the findings of the Expert panel, the community survey and feedback during recent Estuary Management pop-ups. Therefore, it is a priority for Council to work in collaboration with our community as we co-design this new strategy.

Once the Coastal Management Program for Tuggerah Lakes (which will include the Wrack Management Strategy) is certified by the NSW Government it will strategically guide management actions for the next 10 years.

Central Coast Council is completing this project with financial assistance from the NSW Government through its Coastal and Estuary Grants Program. This information and documents do not necessarily represent the opinions of the NSW Government or the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

Did you know?

The existing wrack management program will continue to be implemented whilst a revised approach is developed.

Council takes active measures to address the impact of wrack by rehabilitating natural foreshores including saltmarsh restoration to help allow wrack to wash ashore and break down aerobically as nature intended, in addition to our current wrack collection program. 

We have collected 5,621 cubic metres of wrack and algae from the shores of Tuggerah Lakes this year - which is equivalent to filling two Olympic sized swimming pools!  An approximate total of 100,000 cubic metres has been collected in the past 10 years. 

Our wrack collection permit is strictly licenced by the NSW Government and does not allow for the harm or removal of live seagrass, protected foreshore vegetation or the disturbance of nutrient rich sediment. 

During periods of low lake water levels, the tops of live seagrass can be seen floating across the water surface which can look like it is dead and in need of collection.

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