Business Support

We understand the stress and significant impact that economic conditions are placing on local community groups and businesses.

Council is dedicating resources to provide support for community groups and businesses and to help keep our local economy going – now and into recovery.

Supporting Business

The NSW Government requires businesses to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place.

To help keep your staff, our community and visitors safe, Council encourages all Central Coast businesses to review and update their existing plans in anticipation of increased trade. 

  • Register with NSW Government as a COVID safe business and show your commitment to staff and customer safety by displaying your COVID safe badge online and at your premises. For more information on how to become a COVID Safe business and for resources such a planning templates visit the NSW Government website.
  • Keep up to date with the NSW COVID-related legislation that applies to your business and keep your COVID Safe plan up to date. 
  • Share your COVID Safe plan with existing and new staff and ensure they are trained to act in a COVID safe way and aware of mandatory and legislative requirements.
  • Keep being innovative to adapt your business model.  In addition to extending trading hours or applying for outdoor dining approvals or other outdoor permits, consider offering online and contact-less purchasing and let your regulars know about it, encourage locals to visit outside of peak times with loyalty programs or value add promotions.

Other helpful links for businesses owners and operators:

  • For COVID safe business planning resources and helpful links for hospitality and tourist facing businesses visit Destination NSW.
  • The NSW Government also provides a ‘Business Concierge’ service for small businesses impacted by the NSW bushfires and/or COVID-19 (coronavirus) to guide you through changes to regulations and the assistance available to small businesses. 

Business information portal

The Central Coast COVID-19 Economic Task Force has set up a central information portal for local businesses to find relevant information and available support (including assistance from Government agencies), plus the ability to submit questions.

We encourage all local business owners and operators to visit this site:

Service NSW represents the NSW Government's centralised location for all COVID-19 information and business resources

Self-employment assistance

The Federal Government's self-employment initiative, New Business Assistance with NEIS helps eligible individuals setup and run their own small business.

NEIS can help them create a business plan, provide them with accredited training in small business, and business advice and mentoring for the first 12 months.

Visit the NEIS website to find a local provider of this service.

Business Support Package

Central Coast Council has announced a range of measures as part of Phase 2 of the Business Support Package.


Council will endeavour to use local suppliers where possible and fast-track approval for registered local businesses to be on list of approved suppliers of Central Coast Council. Council has also committed to paying local suppliers within 7 days of invoicing to mitigate their cash-flow impacts.

Bigger Backyard Website

The bigger backyard is a business to business support campaign encouraging businesses to take a moment before they purchase from outside the region check to see if that purchase can support a local business. By pledging to seek local business suppliers, businesses can play an active role in stabilising our local economy, stimulate jobs and build a stronger central coast.

#LoveCentralCoast – Shop Local Campaign

The #LoveCentralCoast shop local campaign aims to encourage locals and regional travellers to shop local and explore the Central Coast Region.

Webinar: Re-imagine your business – against the 'low touch economy'

This webinar series is designed to assess the impact on your business, understand the impact of the social changes to business and begin to develop strategic approach for business recovery.

Other Council-endorsed measures

For customers who can prove genuine financial difficulty, interest on outstanding payments will also be placed on hold until 31 August 2020. Council customers, including businesses and community groups, who are currently experiencing financial hardship can contact us to discuss an acceptable payment arrangement for Council bills. Our hardship policy and payment arrangements allow customers to facilitate a payment plan over an extended period of time to assist during this event. 

Non-enforcement of development approvals: Delivery times

Council will not enforce any condition on development approvals which limit delivery times to retailers in the municipality. This includes delivery curfews on supermarket loading bays to help them meet current demand in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Customer Service and Inquiries

COVID-19 Priority Queue in CX

A new priority queue is in place to support businesses and individuals reopening after COVID-19 and inquiring about development assessments. To contact us, phone 1300 463 954.

Central Coast Grant Finder

The ‘Central Coast Grant Finder’ helps to support all local businesses, community groups, not-for-profits and individuals to access a free comprehensive list of all available grant and funding opportunities.

Council’s role in helping businesses to be COVID-safe

As restrictions ease and the focus moves towards recovery, the NSW Government has asked councils to engage with local businesses that need assistance in complying with COVID-19 Public Health Orders.

The NSW Government has developed the COVID Safe Check app, which provides a way for customers to give feedback in real time to businesses and to regulators for action where necessary.

In some cases, feedback about businesses which may not be fully complying with the Public Health Order may be provided to councils through the Office of Local Government.

Councils have been asked to engage with identified businesses through targeted site visits, the primary purpose of which will be to guide and assist business operators towards compliance with the Public Health Orders.

All enforcement action will remain a matter for the NSW Police Force.

Further Information

Latest information about Public Health Orders and restrictions.

COVID Safe Plan templates and checklists by industry group.

NSW Health COVID Safe resources - comprehensive educational resources including fact sheets, brochures and posters which councils can provide to local businesses and community members.

Helping Business Info Graphic and COVID Safe Businesses A5 poster  – a great summary of where businesses can look for information.

NSW Food Authority Food Regulation Partnership Portal – including links to information and checklists relevant to restaurant, food court and café visits.

Safe Work NSW – information about how businesses can manage the risk of COVID-19 to workers and others in the work environment.

Service NSW – information for businesses, relief and assistance packages for many industries, and information about the app complaints function.

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Why has Council launched this support package?

Central Coast community groups and businesses are experiencing significant impacts to their services as a result of the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic. How does it align with the State and Federal Stimulus Packages? The Government of Australia and NSW Government has released several stimulus packages to support individuals and businesses. Council understands and appreciates that these measures are vital to the Central Coast and has approved a supplementary support package to help the community and business community through multiple tools available to Local Government.

Will there be more support measures coming? 

The first suite of Council’s support measures represents Phase 1 – Community and Business Support Package (up to 30 June 2020). Additional measures may be proposed in Phase 2 – Community and Business Recovery Package.

It is important to note that stimulus packages and lockdown measures are changing rapidly, therefore changing the way businesses are operating and have access to funding daily. In the event of one of these community and business support measures contradicting State and Federal Government announcements, Federal and State requirements shall prevail.

When will support package refunds be issued?

Council is proactively issuing refunds for fees paid for upcoming services during the period of 01 April - 30 June 2020. These refunds will be issued via cheque and mailed within 7 days. Instructions for deposit will be included with the cheque.

Please be mindful that Australia Post delivery times may vary depending on location and potential service delivery interruptions.

Who can I contact for more information on the community and business support package

Our Call Centre can be reached at 1300 463 954 and can direct you to the appropriate person to answer your questions.

Restaurants, Hospitality, Food/Beverage, Cafes, Pubs, Clubs

It is anticipated that businesses within the Hospitality/Food and Beverage industries will require support to help alleviate pressure as they transition to new lockdown measures and a reduced customer base.
Council is proactively issuing refunds for fees paid for upcoming services during the period of 01 April - 30 June 2020. These refunds will be issued via cheque and mailed within 7 days. Instructions for deposit will be included with the cheque.

Please be mindful that Australia Post delivery times may vary depending on location and potential service delivery interruptions.

As part of the support package, Council will:

  • Waive footpath dining fees
  • Waive or refund food license fees and temporary good stall/premises fees

Hairdressers, Nail Shops, and Tattoo Parlours

Health and Building Compliance fees apply to businesses such as hairdressers, nail shops, and tattoo parlours.

With new lockdown measures restricting access to these industries, they represent a sector at risk.

As part of the support package, Council will:

  • Waive fees for Health and Building Compliance activities.

Cinemas, Cafes, Gyms and Restaurants

Commercial property leasing includes cinemas, cafes, gyms and restaurants.

These industries have been impacted by lockdown measures. This does not include telecommunications leases, as those industries are not under lockdown measures.

As part of the support package, Council will:

  • Waive all lease/licenses for Councils commercial properties that have been impacted by lockdown measures.

Council will also be undertaking a temporary flexible approach to parking and other infringements.

With new lockdown restrictions on local businesses, restricting dining establishments to ‘take-away only’, this will allow for flexibility for patrons to access local services.

Fines for ‘Dangerous and Unsafe Practices’ will continue to apply.

Event cancellations

Refunds will be issued for events to be held at community venues, senior centres, youth centres and sporting facilities (excluding the Central Coast Stadium) due to event cancelations from social distancing measures. This may be for events such as weddings, markets, and personal trainers.

As part of the support package, Council will also:

  • Waive or refund temporary event fees.
  • Waive or refund fees associated with the use of parks.
  • Waive or refund booking fees for all cancelled events on Council property.

Advertising – Stadium and Council-owned Banner Poles

As part of the support package, Council will be offering:

  • Full refund for advertising bookings including banner poles
  • Full refund of static and digital advertising bookings for Central Coast Stadium.

Leases/Licenses for Council Properties

Community property leasing includes surf clubs, community centres, land leases, recreation centres, art facilities, cottages and residential properties.

Based on lockdown measures, these businesses will be highly impacted.

As part of the support package, Council will be:

  • Waiving leases/licenses for Council’s community properties.

I am an employer or business owner. What help can I get from other government agencies?

Council is part of the Central Coast COVID-19 Economic Task Force which has set up a central information portal for local businesses to find relevant information and available support (including assistance from Government agencies), plus the ability to submit questions. 

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