Coastal erosion - Emergency and Recovery


  • Earthmoving equipment on North Entrance Beach

Central Coast Council has worked closely with State Government agencies and the Local Emergency Operations Controller to respond to significant areas of coastal erosion at Wamberal Beach and The Entrance North and to assist residents impacted by this. Coastal remediation work undertaken under official orders made by the Local Emergency Operations Controller have held up well following recent storm activity and large swells. 

What we have been doing

Council teams have assessed both Wamberal and North Entrance and determined works have been largely effective.


  • Remediation works are now complete.
  • Rock placement works, guided by expert coastal engineers and delivered by Council crews included the placement of 2,400 tonnes of large rocks, and over 2,000 tonnes of rock bags.
  • 4,000 tonnes of sand was placed behind the rock work where required.
  • The beachfront remains closed in front of affected houses but Wamberal carpark is open and beachgoers can access other parts of the beach.
  • Crews will continue to monitor the area and remain on standby to provide further assistance.

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North Entrance

  • Work has been completed on the placement of approximately 3,000 tonnes of rock which have placed on the beach between Karagi Reserve beach access and Hargraves Street.
  • Crews will continue to inspect the work over coming weeks.
  • A large quantity of kelp has washed onto the shoreline. Although kelp may attract insects and create a smell, this kelp will be left in place as it will attract sand and help with the natural recovery of the beach. In time, it will be buried by the sand.
  • All accesses to the beach have been closed. Please stay away from the area.
  • The Karagi Reserve carpark remains closed as is being used as a staging area for the dredging works underway in The Entrance Channel. Some of the sand used from dredging will be used further nourish the North Entrance beach.

View our FAQs for North Entrance community members

Other coastal erosion works

  • Parawebbing has been installed in eroded areas at Ettalong Beach.
  • Asbestos emu pickups are continuing in the Terrigal and Wamberal areas.
  • All lagoons are being monitored.
  • Repair works have been completed at Avoca's Ficus Car Park.
  • Beach accesses and signage are being monitored.

 Emergency works


Long-term coastal protection

In May this year, Council engaged Manly Hydraulics Laboratory to prepare concept plans for a terminal protection structure at Wamberal to assist residents in implementing a long-term solution. This is part funded by Council and the NSW Government through the Coast and Estuary Grants Program at a total cost of approximately $400,000. It will include workshops with residents and key stakeholders and this work is expected to be completed later in 2020.

Council is also preparing Coastal Management Plans for the entire Central Coast coastline, in accordance with the NSW Coastal Management Framework.  These will be completed prior to the end of 2021. As part of that process, there will be significant consultation with our community to finalise those plans.

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Last updated : Tue 18 Oct 2022